Mountain View
By Evan Dowzell, Year 7, Bottisham Village College

The wind blows hard in this enchanted place. I have been here for centuries, standing my ground. I fall asleep with a white blanket covering me that disappears when the days get warmer. I am a god reaching up high, hitting the thin atmosphere. Sometimes I wait and just look, looking far, far ahead of me in this magical land.

I see water and ice shining beautifully from the dazzling sun. That sun disappears when darkness comes. The sky, blue like the water below; but clouds cover it sometimes, especially when I have my white blanket with me. I tower over the emerald trees like a giant making his way across this enchanted place.

The wind flies past me again. I feel the most wonderful breeze and wondrous smell of fresh air. I am a mountain but sometimes feel dwarfed by the sky above. This enchanted place has green land like the emerald trees. It makes me feel happy and comforted; it makes me feel part of this magical world.

I do not understand something when I look miles beyond me. I see hard brick mountains like me, only smaller. There is grey ground instead of emerald green. I am scared that in the future I will no longer see my emerald trees and sparkling water that make me feel special.