Winning Entry
The Summer of 2016
By Isobel Whitton, Year 8, Sawston Village College

“This poem does what the very best poetry can do, condensing personal emotion into images that have a timeless and universal quality.” When you were…

The Streets For A Home
By Millie Inskip, Year 8, Bassingbourn Village College

Crouched in the corner; his cries are silent People shoot him stares, stares which are violent While he scratches his uncombed hair People mutter ‘that…

The Most Beautiful Demise
By Jess Thomas, Year 11, Sawston Village College

It was a Thursday when her fate was met, The day she leaned over the parapet. Facing the wind, the eve of her demise Was…

By Emma Jane Russell, Year 7, Sawston Village College

When people look up to the stars, They imagine a faraway place, Where pollution is not spoiling their space. Out there over the boundaries, Humans…

The Fall
By Shan Ahmad Malik, Year 7, Sawston Village College

The snowflake fell, Its exuberant structure glinting gently, Catching the pale, muffled sunlight Gliding downwards From the hue-less, cold clouds, Seeking refuge, attempting to Retain…

The Disappearing Act: Generation Z
By Hannah Troop, Year 10, Linton Village College

After ‘First They Came—’ by Martin Niemöller First, they came for the rainforests, And I did not speak out Because I was not a forest…

By Amelia Taylor, Year 9, Bassingbourn Village College

Limping walk Crooked teeth Wrinkled face, wonky face Curled up tail Beaming smile Dribbling nose, mouth that won’t close Stumpy legs Flappy ears Staring eyes,…

By Lauryn Koyi, Year 10, Bottisham Village College

A mother is a lot of things, a helper, a listener, and a friend. She’s there to listen to your biggest problems, And to remind…

New Beginning
By Ella Plumb, Year 7, Linton Village College

A rush, A blur, Awoken from sleep as loud tyres stop near, Kind calming voices that I hear, Soft leather slipped over my face, Brought…

By Megan Baker, Year 11, Bottisham Village College

It was a while ago we last saw each other Strained smiles hidden beneath a layer of cloth Waiting, hoping Yet many summers ago when…

Beauty Of The Forest
By Sophie Abell, Year 8, Sawston Village College

Gracefully I soar Towards faraway lands As though the world can be held In the palm of my hand Over oceans I glide In the…

Beach Day
By Lilia Halyova, Year 11, Bottisham Village College

Friday, midday, a day at the beach Arrived by bus We gallivanted for miles To our favourite place Finally after hours we arrived Then we…

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