My Sanity
By Caitlyn Bonnyface, Year 8, Bottisham Village College

I watched from afar. Not knowing what to do next. Should I attack them or just run far away — away from my one true love? I didn’t know. I had scratches and blood all over me and a huge bullet wound on my leg. The agony I was in was unreal.

“I think he’s over here!” they said.
“Let’s go get him!”

I started running again, trying to ignore the stabbing pain in my leg and the blood and sweat running down my face. My life would be ruined if I got caught now. I have a girlfriend waiting for me. If I got taken away then I would never be able to see her again. I mean… I was only doing the right thing, but these people wanted to lock me up for it. Wouldn’t you do something for your girl? You would do anything for her, wouldn’t you? Well that’s what I had done; now I’m being hunted because of it.

I turned the corner and jumped over the gate, holding my knife tight in my right hand. I was happy about doing that, because I was doing it for her. She is all that matters and if I was doing it for her then it had to be good. My mind was full of happy thoughts. I could imagine her beautiful smile and loving eyes looking back at me. Then, she’d come and hug me, saying, ‘Thank you.’ She would think of me as her hero. And then she would look deep into my eyes and say, ‘I love you.’ She won’t have to worry long because I’ll be back to protect her soon. We can be together forever. Just like I’d always wanted.

Someone came and tried locking my hands together with something. That’s when I knew. The bad guys had arrived. They hated what I had done, even when I told them that it was for her. They wouldn’t listen, and they said that they would have to take me back to that horrible place again. I didn’t want to go back there. Never. I tried my best to fight them off, but it was no use. There were too many of them. I tried to escape but something hard hit me on the head. All I could hear then were lots of people talking, and sirens. I hoped that she would come for me and tell them not to take me away. I yelled, “Angeline!”

At the station, Angie waited for the officers to come back. Her eyes were so empty that she’d run out of tears to shed.

“Miss Angeline Maze.”

She got up sluggishly, and reluctantly went over to the lieutenant’s desk.

“Miss Maze, the man that we arrested says that you’re his girlfriend. Is this true?” Shock and concern took over her face as she managed to get her answer out.

“No.” She spoke quietly. “Honestly, I’ve never seen that man in my life.”