By Emma Jane Russell, Year 7, Sawston Village College

When people look up to the stars,
They imagine a faraway place,
Where pollution is not spoiling their space.

Out there over the boundaries,
Humans can see a sign,
A glimpse of a planet no different from mine.

This planet — its name is Awullia,
It’s 3,000 light years away,
So we see it as it was,
3,000 years ago this day,

When children ran happily, laughing,
And their parents lay under their sun,
But the voices of fate were casting,
Horrible destinies for each one.

Like us they found oils and plastic,
But they called it a different name,
How delighted they were when they found out,
They could use it to store the harvests when they came.

They used it and used it and used it,
Until their resources ran thin.
No oil left on the planet,
And an economic outlook dim.

The plastic however was different,
It would not disintegrate.
They tried to fix their mistake,
But for them it was too late.

The strings of life were cut,
All life on the planet was gone,
But we would never know this until 3,000 years on.

Does this sound familiar?
Have you heard it before?
Is this the destiny of our planet?
If we continue our war path forever more?

Our forests and woods are felling,
Our animals losing their lives,
Will we end up destroying,
Everything for which we strive?

Has our destiny been decided?
Or is it not too late,
To save our planet,
From the same fate?

Awullia, well that is fantasy,
Earth, well that is not,
But who says stories can’t tell us,
What many have forgot.

Humans are not immortal,
We do not live for all time,
So maybe we should leave our planet better,
For those next in line.

Our planet is our responsibility,
And I can’t say we’re doing well,
Death and destruction everywhere,
This story is not a good one to tell.

Do you care for our future?
For those who are yet to live?
Is it right to give them,
What we have to give?

Or should we give them better,
A planet of which to be proud,
A planet so they can live happily,
Surely that’s allowed?

Though we may not have started this,
We can certainly give it an end,
To make our planet better,
For those whose lives are just round the bend.

Heed my words and warning,
Remember what you have forgot,
Awullia, well that is fantasy,
Earth, well that is not.