Beach Day
By Lilia Halyova, Year 11, Bottisham Village College

Friday, midday, a day at the beach
Arrived by bus
We gallivanted for miles
To our favourite place
Finally after hours we arrived

Then we split into groups
Off we went exploring with our boots
Then we went on a hunt to find chips
Searching for hours, asking for help from others
Finally we found some and bought ourselves our share
Then we went back to the beach to watch others in despair

The seagulls were attacking us
We were in discussion
A seagull grabbed my hair
It simply flew out of the air
I screamed in fright
With my friends aiding in the fight
I ran away with my chips in hand
And I hid under an arch at boulevard end
Later I returned safe and sound

We went back to the sand
Walking down we fed the birds
This woman was in great angst
Just because of her past
She told us off
Don’t feed the birds
They will come down
And take my goods
We laughed and smirked
But she did not think this was a matter for a giggle
She continued to eat her chips and fiddle

It was windy all day long
But as we mumbled along
It became the strongest wind of all

We had the urge for a sweet treat
So we thought ice cream would be neat
We chose our flavours —
Two vanilla, one strawberry
Some in a cone, some in a tub
Then we talked with a few others

We thought of going to the shops
We went in and bought some pops
This person was bickering with the cashier
They said there was a problem so clear
I don’t remember what it was all about
However it was a mess no doubt
We left the shop
And many of our classmates too
We had to
For it was time to go back to school

Walking back with great aplomb
It started to rain upon
However we just put our hats on
And ambled along
My friend recognised a famous house from a film
So obviously we stopped for a picture
Returning to the bus
We lined up for registration
Returning to school
After a day of sensation