Perfectly Imperfect
By Gracie Webster-Spriggs, Year 10, Linton Village College

A chaotic harmony
It’s lively and homely, an oasis in a desert
Tears at the table versus slow dancing by the oven
Cries from the children because dinner just won’t come quick enough

The stress of homework for Mum, bus stop method — what?!
The dog bounces a marathon, a picture of his compassion
Hissing kettle, spitting frying pan, the scream as the youngest burns themself
despite being told it’s hot
Molten chocolate on an unstoppable course along the table —
thank goodness it doesn’t stain

Summer snacking; ice pops as frozen as spring just gone
Winter’s biscuit baking marathon; questionably shaped and imaginatively iced
Aromatic smells, those of spices, herbs and hidden veggies
The homemade bread rising in the oven, the bowl of left-over cake batter licked clean
The dishwasher full in soldier formation — further recruits waiting in line

Laughing together after the crying and fighting
Laughing as they do their funny dance together
Laughing as a teenager’s voice cracks as they sing
Laughing when Mum swears, as the toaster’s on fire again

Where else would you want to be
than a colourful, pungent, noisy, sweet family kitchen?