By Megan Baker, Year 11, Bottisham Village College

It was a while ago
we last saw each other
Strained smiles
hidden beneath a layer of cloth
Waiting, hoping

Yet many summers ago
when we could walk like air flows
We sat twisting needles and yarn
knit purl knit purl knit purl
Smiling, laughing

Back to school
learning to play a tune
You said it sounded good
even when it didn’t
Listening, playing

I remember when we rode
our bikes down to a park
Getting lost didn’t matter
Picnicking in the light
Riding, roaming

And then a bad spell
— it’s returned
Pain, anger
We must be careful
Even a sneeze could kill

Time will heal
but not completely
Baking or burning what’s the difference
Spending hours by the oven
Mixing, measuring

Going to church
you taught me your beliefs
and to sing in tune
Rehearsing every Friday in the cold
Singing, humming

Time does not last forever
It got worse again
Nothing works
We must be careful
Waving from a distance

Back, inside
stuck, in a bed
One last call
I love you, all
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Now I’m alone
Lost, helpless
Still at a distance
Life isn’t the same
Won’t be the same

Why did you have to go?