New Beginning
By Ella Plumb, Year 7, Linton Village College

A rush,
A blur,
Awoken from sleep as loud tyres stop near,
Kind calming voices that I hear,
Soft leather slipped over my face,
Brought to the warmth of a stable with grace,
Soft smooth brushes in her hand,
I’m not used to this, I don’t understand,
Warm rug wrapped around me,
This isn’t how it used to be?
Let into the cold dark air,
She comforts me with a brush of her hair,
Warm, long boots placed around my legs,
Please, please, load she begs,
I’m lonely with none of my mates,
But in the lorry crunchy hay awaits,
Engine starts up as we start to roll on,
My stable, my home — all are gone,
Hours later we arrive,
Pulling up a long drive,
The ramp is down, no time to think,
Walking down I cannot blink,
My dream home, fresh and clean,
The old owners were just so mean,
Yet no one’s here just me and her,
Ruffling my soft, thick fur,
Could this be my new life?

Happiness and joy as weeks go by,
Just me and her, I feel I could fly,
She takes good care of me,
I would never flee,
For I am home now,
No more blur,
Just her,
My owner.